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Create a new repository 
A repository contains all project files, including the revision history. Already have a project repository elsewhere? 
Import a repository. 
Repository name * 
Great repository names are short and memorable. Need inspiration? How about bookish-eureka? 
Description (optional) 
Anyone can see this repository. You choose who can commit. 
You choose who can see and commit to this repository. 
Skip this step if you're importing an existing repository. 
Initialize this repository with a README 
This will let you immediately clone the repository to your computer. 
Add .gitignore: None • 
Create repository 
Add a license: None •

위 링크로 저장소(repository)를 새롭게 만들고

HTML 파일을 업로드한 뒤, Settings에 들어감

GitHub Pages 섹션에 있는 Source를 적절히 선택(master branch 등)하여 발행된 웹 사이트 주소에 접속하면 끝!


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