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View number of User Accounts in AD via AD PowerShell
Below are 3 simple commands that display how many users you have in AD, how many users that are enabled and also how many that are disabled.

Number of User Accounts
(get-aduser -filter ).count

Number of Enabled User Accounts
(get-aduser -filter *|where {$_.enabled -eq “True”}).count

Number of Disabled User Accounts
(get-aduser -filter *|where {$_.enabled -ne “False”}).count
출처: <>

(Get-ADUser -Filter * -SearchBase “ou=Accounting,ou=administration,ou=people,dc=ncmecad,dc=net”).count
출처: <>

0. 현재 상태


Accounting OU에는 3명.


ITAdmins OU에는 6명.

1. PowerShell


SearchBase 옵션으로 특정 OU에 대한 사용자를 쿼리하고, (명령).count 옵션으로 카운트.

(Get-ADUser -Filter * SearchBase “OU=Accounting,DC=Adatum,DC=com”).count
(Get-ADUser -Filter * SearchBase “OU=ITAdmins,DC=Adatum,DC=com”).count

2. dsquery


dsquery 구문을 사용하는 방법. 앞쪽에 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 이런식으로 카운트됨.

dsquery user OU=ITAdmins,DC=Adatum,DC=com -limit 5000 | findstr /r /n “^”
dsquery user OU=Accounting,DC=Adatum,DC=com -limit 5000 | findstr /r /n “^”

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